Fibers for Laser Applications, Spectroscopy and Sensors

LWL-Sachsenkabel, one of the leading German manufacturers of fiber optic cabling systems, is expanding its portfolio with specialty optical fibers for industry, medicine and scientific research. In addition to standardized as well as customer-specific fiber optic solutions for data centers and telecommunication as well as building and event technology, the cabling specialist from the Ore Mountains in East Germany also offers individual fiber optic solutions for laser applications, spectroscopy and sensor technology.

1-micron fibers during the polishing process (Source: Sachsenkabel)

The range of solutions includes, among other things, ready-to-use single-mode and multimode fiber assemblies for applications from UV to near infrared, which can also be manufactured for use in vacuum if required. In addition, individual solutions for fibers with a core diameter of up to 1500 µm are available in the field of multimode fiber assemblies. All variants can be assembled with suitable, market-standard connectors or according to individual customer requirements.

In addition, Sachsenkabel offers bare fibers with polished or cleaved fiber ends – thus making available fiber ends of high optical quality for all applications without connectors. All specialty optical fibers are developed, realized and manufactured individually for the customer and are finely calibrated to the respective requirements. Variable quantities are possible, from the smallest quantity to large series. Production takes place entirely in Germany ensuring high delivery reliability.

With the expansion of its portfolio, the company responds to the increasing demand for fiber optic solutions in industry and natural sciences. Laser material processing and laser medicine, spectroscopic applications in the laboratory, but also many areas of sensor technology are currently experiencing exponential growth and are rapidly increasing the need for special fiber optic products.

As an established specialist in fiber optics with around thirty years of experience, Sachsenkabel has got the know-how and entrepreneurial structures to meet this demand at large. The company already has a number of successfully implemented customer projects in its specialty optical fibers business segment. The spectrum ranges from the development of the fiber optic prototype to fixed framework contracts in series production. (Source: Sachsenkabel)

Link: Portfolio to be presented at Laser World of Photonics in Munich in 2021, LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH, Gornsdorf/Erzgebirge, Germany

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