EPIC Cooperates with Guangdong Laser Industry Association

After two years of successful collaboration between EPIC and China’s Laser Manufacturing News, the collaboration with the Guangdong Laser Industry Association GDLIA has been extended.

The agreement will benefit both parties as members of EPIC supply key photonic components that can be incorporated into laser systems developed by GDLIA members. A buyer’s delegation from GDLIA was introduced to several members of EPIC during the Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Germany, lunch and dinner opportunities were organized with the members of the association to further strengthen interpersonal relations.

“Laser Manufacture News” and “www.Laserfair.com” are efficient platforms to reach out to the Chinese market. “Since China is a major market for many members of EPIC, I am pleased to expand our current collaboration which has been very fruitful so far” says Carlos Lee from EPIC. (Source: EPIC)

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