EPIC Membership Counts a Momentous 200 Members

The membership of 200 milestone marks EPIC’s tremendous growth during the last couple of years. Since its establishment a decade ago EPIC included some eighty members – spring 2015 marks the surge of growth that the association has enjoyed recently, more than doubling in size since 2012.

This sudden increase is not totally unexpected given the importance of photonics and the various high-value markets interested in incorporating photonics technologies, such as: automotive, medical, life science, communication and consumer electronics sectors. This recognition as well as the fact that the positive growth forecasts in many niche markets motivates companies to find out more about the opportunities in the photonics industry has led to increased interest in EPIC as an organisation as well. “At EPIC workshops, we meet customers and early adopters in the marketplace in order to gain insight into market trends”, explains Luc Coupet, Sales Engineer, Andor. Rolf Münter, Head of Business Development, Aim Infrarot-Module added: “In the network you identify promising technical opportunities to innovate a continuous stream of new products that meet market needs.”

Membership of EPIC is viewed as an investment. “Through the EPIC network I discover and validate new technologies that are relevant in the development of our product roadmap”, states René Heideman, CTO, Lionix. EPIC’s distribution of reliable market data, sharing of industry technology reports, and organization of many focused workshops makes it a valuable platform to explore new business opportunities in photonics. (Source: EPIC)

Links:  www.epic-assoc.com

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