EPIC and VRARA Partner to Advance VR/AR Industry

The VR/AR Association and the European Photonics Industry Consortium EPIC are working towards the development of virtual / augmented reality and photonics industries. They are mutually motivated in cooperative activities involving the technological and commercial advancement in the area of photonics and help to develop industry standards. The newly formed partnership of the associations will encourage direct contact and cooperation between the consortia and their members, assist future cooperation including participation at events and promoting the VR and AR ecosystem, exchange of information and contacts, as well as advisory mandates with an aim of supporting the development of an efficient and sustainable industry.

Philip Wogart, executive director GSA, co-chair location-based entertainment committee of VRARA, and Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC signed a memorandum of understanding on 28 August 2019. (Source: EPIC)

The signature of the MoU took place in conjunction with the EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit in Berlin, Germany, in the presence of 150-plus CEOs, CTOs and decision makers from worldwide leading photonics companies. The signing is the culmination of nine months collaboration starting already last year at the EPIC Meeting on AR/VR at Sony in Stuttgart and with director general Carlos Lee’s keynote at the executive dinner at Mobile World Congress hosted by the Barcelona chapter of VRARA. The cooperation continues to grow this year onto the international stage with the VR/AR Associaiton’s invite for EPIC to participate in their annual Global Summit in November in Vancouver.

VRARA has over fifty chapters around the world and a community of over 4,200 companies, developers, agencies, universities etc. interested in the fields of AR/VR technologies. This complements very well the interests of most of the five hundred members of EPIC, that encompass the entire value chain from photonics fields such as lighting, photovoltaic, photonics integrated circuits, optical components, lasers, sensors, imaging, displays, optic fiber, and all other photonics related technologies.

“There are so many facets of the photonics industry that have direct application to the advancement and adoption of immersive technologies, which is entirely our organization’s goal and mission statement. To find the leading advocate in photonics with its trusted experts and leaders right here in Europe and whose tireless efforts to connect their own industry across the entire value chain, it makes perfect sense that our associations not only collaborate, but indeed connect members in business opportunities that accelerate both ecosystems,” said Philip Wogart, executive director GSA of the VR/AR Association.

“EPIC’s model of connecting the European photonics community worldwide is through collaboration and partnerships, and thereby integrating the industry and improving the workings of photonics ecosystems. The VR/AR community is developing very fast and with this partnership, we want to offer this community access to EPIC’s members leading to future collaborations between members.” said Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC, and added “Partnerships like this bring industries together and it’s good that the photonics industry is getting integrated and more organized”. (Source: EPIC)

Links: European Photonics Industry Consortium, Paris, FranceVR/AR Association (VRARA)

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