EOS Appoints Chief Digital Officer

EOS appoints Güngör Kara as chief digital officer, CDO. As an expert in industrial 3D printing and innovation, he leads the business area of digitalization and the EOS consulting arm, Additive Minds – a team of engineers, technical consultants, and experts in digitalization techniques.

Güngör Kara appointed chief digital officer at EOS with responsibility for digitalization and Additive Minds. (Source: EOS)

Additive Minds provides end-to-end support to multinational enterprises and innovative start-ups in the area of industrial 3D – from comprehensive knowledge transfer, and application consulting, to the development of a digital production.

Dr. Adrian Keppler, CEO and speaker of the EOS corporate management commented on the appointment: “We are very happy that Mr. Kara is now taking on the newly created role of CDO.” And he adds: “In recent years, he has successfully built up our consulting unit Additive Minds, which offers services that are unique to the market and provides active support to companies in building knowledge and implementing 3D printing successfully within an organization. In this way, our technology is already making fundamental changes to companies.”

Industrial 3D printing has now matured from a technology for rapid prototyping into one for serial production. During this development process, additive manufacturing facilitates the optimization of supply chains and the production of highly innovative components. During the next wave, industrial 3D printing will become one of key enablers for disruptive components and an end-to-end digital production.

Güngör Kara stated: “Digital transformation – with industrial 3D printing as one of the central drivers – will fundamentally change entire value chains for companies in the future. We see ourselves as catalysts and technical consultants for innovative companies. We support them in successfully mastering digital change processes – from digital smart factories for industrial 3D printing all the way to additively manufactured ‘intelligent’ components. Under the keyword ‘3IGITAL’ we are already tapping the next technological dimension for the future: intelligent components – additively produced by a digitalized production cell – for smart applications.” (Source: EOS)

Link: Additive Minds, EOS GmbH – Electro Optical Systems, Krailling, Germany

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