EMVA Vision Knowledge Center Opens Its Virtual Doors

Even in times where technical conferences, seminars and similar events are not possible, the European Machine Vision Association EMVA has the goal to foster knowledge transfer and educational activities in its industry.

EMVA Vision Knowledge Center web site (Source: EMVA)

The EMVA Vision Knowledge Center is a hub of expertise and the meeting point for relevant technical and environmental topics in the machine vision and image processing industry. It benefits from the enormous amount of valuable contributions collected over the years at the numerous EMVA events now being available on their website.

The hub provides access to high-quality presentations on technology, applications and vision ecosystems, webinars, videos and technical papers which are of great interest to the vision tech network. The EMVA team continuously will add further valuable content but already now one can take a first look at the association’s website. (Source: EMVA)

Link: EMVA Vision Knowledge Center, European Machine Vision Association, Barcelona, Spain

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