EMVA Appoints New Standards Manager

The European Machine Vision Association has appointed Werner Feith as new EMVA Standards Manager. Werner will be responsible for promoting the European machine vision standardization activities worldwide and to coordinate the development process of machine vision standards, as well as to identify new standardization needs in a rapidly changing industrial environment.

New EMVA Standards Manager Werner Feith coordinates the standardization activities of the association (Source: EMVA)

Werner Feith graduated from Technical University Munich TUM as a solid-state physicist. After some time in the industrial computing industry he founded Sensor to Image, which started as a frame grabber company, but was soon tuned to be an FPGA IP company supporting digital camera interfaces defined by the Genicam standard. Sensor to Image has become the current world leader in interface FPGA IP cores supporting GigEVision, USB3-Vision, and CoaXPress. After selling the company in 2017, Feith was attracted by the open position as EMVA Standards Manager to continue his career in the industry and share his vast experience in standardization.

“We are very happy to welcome Werner on board the EMVA team to fill the important role as standards manager. Werner has more than twenty years of experience in analog and digital camera interfaces, serving the technical committees of GigEVision & USB3 vision and Genicam for more than ten years, and coauthoring the CoaxPress standard for five years. He brings profound and long-standing machine vision experience in engineering, management and entrepreneurship to the association. We are looking forward to working with him in order to take the EMVA standardization activities to the next level”, said EMVA president Jochem Herrmann.

For 15 years, the European Machine Vision Association has been hosting the development of standards for the machine vision industry, including the well-known and widely used standards Genicam and EMVA1288. Genicam standardizes the high-level interfacing of a vision device and a computer. EMVA1288 is a characterization and specification procedure for image sensors and cameras used in machine vision. With the industrial embedded vision interface standard and the open optics camera interface standard the EMVA currently leads two new standardization initiatives.

Since 2009, the EMVA has been collaborating with other international machine vision associations worldwide to work towards a standardization of the technologies and processes in our industry. These joint global standardization activities have become a pillar of the success of machine vision technology in numerous industrial and non-industrial applications. (Source: EMVA)

Link: EMVA, Barcelona, Spain

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