Lyncée Tec Now Represented by Elliot Scientific

Transmission digital holographic microscope DHM-T combined with an electro­physio­logical setup (Source: Lyncée Tec)

An exclusive distribution agreement has been signed by Elliot Scientific, UK, and Lyncée Tec of Lausanne in Switzerland, to distribute and support the range of holographic microscopes based on the patented digital holographic microscope (DHM) technology.

DHMs are 3D optical profilometers characterized by an unrivaled high measurement rate and a very short exposure time. These unique features make possible applications not conceivable using white light interferometers and confocal microscopes: 3D topography measurements in presence of environmental vibration or of intrinsic sample vibration, sample characterization in cryogenic and high temperature environments, large area screening, and analysis of the deformation dynamics of samples due to external stimuli such as temperature and pressure changes, light irradiance, mechanical force, or electromagnetic fields.

Digital holographic microscopes constitute non-scanning, non-contact technology that instantly delivers 3D & 4D topography for life science, materials science, and industrial inspection (Source: Lyncée Tec)

In life sciences, DHMs enables label-free non-invasive millisecond to multi-days continuous measurement of cells. Quantitative phase measurements provide quantitative information about cell morphology and intracellular content, cell proliferation and viability, trans-membrane ionic currents and water transport among others.

“We are excited to work with Elliot Scientific, an innovative company with a highly qualified staff that will provide the highest levels of service and knowledge. DHMs are complementary to Elliot’s product line.” said Dr. Yves Emery, CEO of Lyncée Tec. “This agreement enables us to provide high quality products, services, as well as scientific and technological support.” (Source: Elliot Scientific)

Links: Lyncée Tec SA, Lausanne, SwitzerlandDigital Holographic Microscopes, DHM®, Elliot Scientific Ltd., Harpenden, United Kingdom

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