Eliminate Foggy Lenses

The Satisloh Fog-Free two-step system combines a special anti-fog coating for Satisloh vacuum box coaters and a pre-treated microfiber cloth for daily reactivation. The result is a powerful anti-fog solution, providing a clear view for many kinds of lenses.

High-performance solution for eyeglasses prevents such foggy lenses (Source: Satisloh / iStock, Koldunova_Anna)

Whether it’s the transition from cold to warm surroundings, working out, opening the dishwasher or the oven, or walking outside in hot and humid weather – every eyeglass wearer has for sure experienced the frustration of lenses fogging up in everyday situations. Since face masks have become part of our daily life eyeglass wearers face this challenge continuously. The global demand for a solution to this problem has increased tremendously ever since, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, since face masks have become an essential part of daily life and eyeglass wearers face the challenge of their lenses fogging up continually.

The new process for Satisloh box coaters is applied to both sides of lenses during anti-reflective (AR) coating. These coated lenses are ready for the initial activation of the anti-fog effect, which can be done either in the lab or at the optician.

The second element of Fog-Free is a pre-treated microfiber cloth which reactivates the anti-fog functionality with daily use. Activation is simple: just like a common microfiber cleaning cloth, wipe the front and backsides of lenses and the anti-fog effect is reactivated. One cloth typically lasts up to three months before it needs replacing.

The combination of the Fog-Free coating process and the activation cloth’s Fog-Free substance results in a superior and long lasting anti-fog effect that outperforms conventional anti-fog sprays and wipes. (Source: Satisloh)

Link: Satisloh Fog-Free, Satisloh AG, Baar, Switzerland


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