Ekinops Buys OTN Technology from Padtec

Padtec, one of the world’s leaders in optical communications systems, announced an agreement with Ekinops to transfer the intellectual property of its OTN Switch platform to the French provider of optical transport systems. The transaction is part of Padtec’s strategy to leverage DWDM technology research and development efforts.”This agreement with Ekinops directly contributes to the increase in R&D investments for Padtec to offer ever more advanced solutions and services in order to make the company even more competitive, accelerating our business in Brazil and abroad”, says Manuel Andrade, Padtec CEO.

With the help of Padtec’s OTN technology, Ekinops aims to triple the optical transport business in five years (Source: Padtec)

“The acquisition of the OTN-Switch Platform by a globally recognized company such as Ekinops is a validation of the capability of Padtec’s engineers to develop state-of-the-art technologies deployable on a worldwide basis. Additionally, we are happy to enter into commercial agreements with Ekinops that will enable Padtec to offer the OTN-Switch on an OEM basis to our customer base in Latin America. This is a clear win-win for both companies”, he adds.

In the agreement between the companies, Ekinops is committed to evolve the product line with the OTN Switch technology developed by Padtec, counting on the team of engineers originating from the Brazilian supplier. Padtec continues to produce this line of equipment in its factory in Brazil. In addition, in the partnership, the two suppliers have the right to market the solution.

To Didier Brédy, chairman and CEO of Ekinops, the product line with OTN Switch technology developed by Padtec is particularly innovative and will allow Ekinops to make a great technological and commercial leap forward to position itself with the big telecom operators. “The agreement with Padtec, the leading Latin American manufacturer and supplier of optical communications equipment, also allows the Brazilian company to resell products with Ekinops’ OTN Switch technology. This is an important acquisition that allows Ekinops to aim at tripling its sales of optical products within five years”, says Brédy.

For the future, Padtec points out that the focus of research and development and the launch of products contemplates the increase of the DWDM transmission rate, with new transponders operating at 400 Gb/s and 1.2 Tb/s, new amplifiers optics and solutions that accompany evolutionary trends for software-defined networks, SDN. (Source: Padtec)

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