Edmund Optics Acquires Quality Thin Films

Edmund Optics, provider of optical and imaging components, has acquired Quality Thin Films. QTF, located outside of Tampa, Florida, offers a wide range of optical components with high laser damage and laser crystal coatings from the UV to the far IR.

QTF, run by Karl George Sr. and Karl George Jr., offers a wide range of optical components and laser crystal coatings from the UV to the far IR. (Source: QTF)

For nearly eighty years, EO has led the optics industry and continues to aggressively invest in laser grade optical technology. This acquisition, with its 14,000 square foot facility and laser optics experts, supports Edmund Optics to further expand its laser optics manufacturing capabilities across crystal and glass fabrication, polishing, metrology, high laser damage and diamond-like carbon coatings, inspection, and testing.

“QTF, like EO, has a long history of technical innovation and strong customer service,” said Marisa Edmund, chief sales and marketing officer and vice chair of the board of directors for Edmund Optics. “Combining our strengths further demonstrates our commitment to the evolution of the industry through laser optics.”

As part of this acquisition, Karl George Sr., president and CEO of QTF, will retire and his son, Karl George Jr., will continue to oversee the facility and its thirty employees. “I look forward to working with the Edmund Optics team, expanding our current capabilities, and charting a course for the future of laser optics,” said Karl George Jr.

“QTF is critical to our long-term strategy,” said Samuel Sadoulet, president and chief operating officer for Edmund Optics. “This acquisition will enhance our service to emerging markets and applications, while providing an opportunity for us to have a dedicated laser optics center.” (Source: Edmund Optics)

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