EARTO Innovation Award for Optical Blood Pressure Monitoring Technology

Schematic of the OptiBP measuring principle (Source: Biospectral)

On October 28, 2020, CSEM was awarded 2nd place at the EARTO Innovation Awards 2020, in their Impact Delivered category. Its optical blood pressure monitoring technology is an easy-to-use, cuff-less optical sensing technology, which provides continuous blood pressure estimations and is capable of tracking short- to long-term blood pressure variations.

The award is granted and adjudicated by an independent jury in recognition of an original innovation that contributes significantly to society and/or the economy by solving today’s challenges with a proven impact on behalf of the European Association of Research & Technology Organisations, EARTO. 1st prize in the Impact Delivered category was awarded to the Helmholtz Association, Germany, for their development of a novel non-invasive biomarker (CIM) method, which contributes to the early diagnosis of calcium loss and osteoporosis in humans.

OptiBP smartphone interface (Source: Biospectral)

CSEM’s patented optical blood pressure monitoring technology is a wearable, multi-sensor solution for cuff-less blood pressure monitoring. Working with other award-winning companies such as Ava, Biospectal, and its own start-up Aktiia, this medical grade has overcome all limitations of traditional inflatable cuffs for blood pressure monitoring.

Tackling hypertension, a ‘silent killer disease’, is of critical importance as it could potentially save millions of lives each year. Through a newly developed smartphone-based optical blood pressure measuring app, CSEM’s optical blood pressure monitoring algorithm was proven to be effective in chronic disease detection, prevention, and management. (Source: CSEM)

Reference: P. Schoettker et al.: Blood pressure measurements with the OptiBP smartphone app validated against reference auscultatory measurements, Sci. Rep. 10, Article number: 17827 (2020); DOI: 10.1038/s41598-020-74955-4

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