Eagleyard Photonics Rebrands into Toptica Eagleyard

Toptica Photonics has decided to rebrand its daughter company Eagleyard Photonics into Toptica Eagleyard. It is a leading manufacturer of high-end laser diodes in the red and infrared regime (630 nm – 1120 nm).

(Source: Toptica)

Eagleyard became part of the Toptica group in February 2013 and has since continued to operate separately under its own marketing brand and sales organization.

Dr Thomas Renner, CSO Toptica Photonics, comments: “We have enjoyed the cooperation with our friends and partners in Berlin for many years now. The new common brand will reflect both strong market positions and create even more synergies.”

The sales and distribution structure and website toptica-eagleyard.com will remain unchanged and independent. The legal address and company leadership of Eagleyard Photonics GmbH will also remain unchanged.

Michael Kneier, VP Sales at Eagleyard adds: “We are very happy to combine our two strong brands. This gives us the opportunity to address even more markets with our strong technology and OEM capabilities for laser diodes.”

Eagleyard focuses on laser diodes (components) – e.g. DFBs, single-mode, multimode, gain chip and tapered amplifier laser diodes for industry, life science, aerospace, defense and research.

Toptica Photonics AG focuses on lasers – e.g. diode lasers, femtosecond fiber lasers, frequency combs, THz systems etc. for quantum technology, biophotonics and materials inspection / processing.

Eagleyard, with almost fifty employees, is located in Berlin Adlershof near the Ferdinand Braun Institute FBH, a close cooperation partner. (Source: Toptica)

Link: Toptica Eagleyard, Berlin, Germany

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