€2.8M to Develop Next-Generation Infrared Detectors

Lynred, a provider of high-quality infrared detectors for the aerospace, military and consumer markets, will invest 2.8 million euros ($3.37M) in developing next-generation infrared (IR) detectors. The company will receive 900,000 euros ($1.08M) in R&D funding from the French government as part of a program to revamp the microelectronics ecosystem in France.

Clean room (Source: Lynred)

In developing the next-generation of small pixel-pitch near-infrared (NIR) detectors, Lynred aims to establish a new market sector in France. This national ecosystem will address demand for infrared imaging in industrial process control – such as sorting plastics – and for the spectral imaging market. The company’s R&D program will create around twenty new jobs. It also responds to the imperatives of France’s industrial renewal strategy by bringing selected development and production steps back to the nation, reinforcing the internal supply chain.

“We are obviously thrilled to have been selected to receive funding under this government initiative,” said Jean-François Delepau, CEO, Lynred. “Our core mission is to supply state-of-the-art infrared detectors at the international level, while supporting an independent and sovereign infrared industry in France. The investment we will be making here will drive us forward in near infrared technology and support the French government’s target of strengthening the nation’s strategic infrared detector industry.” The small pixel-pitch NIR detectors Lynred will develop will be highly-sensitive, fast-frame-rate devices that deliver the accuracy and throughput required for industrial process control scenarios.

This R&D program showcases Lynred’s leadership and excellence in innovation at a time when the government is revamping its strategy roadmap for the electronics industry. This includes a recent amendment enacted by France’s deputy economy minister Agnès Pannier-Runnacher on March 4, to a previous government initiative involving the Nano 2022 program. Each underscores just how strategic the electronics industry is to the French economy and its industrial sovereignty. Lynred has played an active role in developing the nation’s electronics industry roadmap and bringing artificial intelligence into the industry’s key technologies. (Source: Lynred)

Link: Lynred, Veurey-Voroize, France

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