Dual Leadership for GFH

With the beginning of the year 2019, GFH got a new management member. In addition to the managing partner Anton Pauli the former authorized signatory and operational manager Florian Lendner joins the management board of the company.

GFH GmbH CEO, MBA, B.Eng. Florian Lendner
(Source: GFH)

The 35-year-old has lots of experience in the field of laser machine engineering, handling national as well as international business, and strategic and operational leadership.

“I consider it as a task together with Mr. Pauli, to continue the business of GFH in order to keep up with the rapid growth of the laser industry and to become a technological pioneer in this field and thus also the further growth of GFH.”

After completing his engineering studies in mechatronics with a focus on optical technologies in 2008 at the TH Deggendorf, he started his professional career at GFH. As an application engineer and project manager for mechanical engineering, he gained in-depth experience in the field of laser machines until 2011. Due to his high level of commitment, new innovative ideas, and his enormous professional ambition, Florian Lendner became the department manager for the mechanical engineering sector from 2011 to 2013.

In part-time, he completed an MBA degree which enabled him in particular for his following activities as part of the operational management and as an authorized officer of GFH. Since January 2019, Lendner is part of the management board of GFH and dedicates all of his energy to his new task. (Source: GFH)

Link: GFH GmbH, Deggendorf, Germany

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