Corporate Social Responsibility in the Company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the company’s responsibility for the effect of its activities on society and the environment. The Spectaris Spring Meeting of the German photonics industry association has treated this theme. Thomas Loew, owner of the Institute for Sustainability, and Bernhard Lorenz, CEO of Qioptiq Photonics, reported as experts.
The reasons for a decision to introduce a CSR management are manifold. Increasing the attractiveness of the company allows contrasting positively with the competitors and can provide a national and international competitive advantage. Satisfied customers are bound to the company, as well as employees are motivated and skilled professionals are easier obtained and maintained. Responsible handling of resources, employees and suppliers also allows opening up unused potential efficiency, can prevent economic risks and contribute ideally to cost reductions.
Social engagement is possible in a variety of areas. The company Qioptiq became an Excelitas Technologies Company in October 2013, and shows how CSR can be implemented successfully. (Source: Spectaris)
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