Corning Celebrates 2 Million Varioptic Lenses

Hundreds of millions of cycles endurance – Corning Varioptic lenses focus without wear. (Source: Corning)

Corning Incorporated announced at the Laser World of Photonics trade show that it has delivered its two millionth  Varioptic lens for industrial applications.

This milestone was driven by an increased demand for liquid lenses, particularly as a variety of industries integrate them into manufacturing and warehouse operations. This achievement strengthens Varioptic’s position as a leader in liquid lens solutions for machine vision, barcode readers, medical imaging, and other industrial applications that require robust, accurate, fast-focusing, and long-lasting lenses.

“Our manufacturing capacity nearly doubled in 2018, enabling us to produce liquid lenses at a higher volume than ever before,” said Frédéric Laune, business manager, Corning Varioptic Lenses. “Our ability to innovate paid off with sales doubling in the last two years.”

Varioptic liquid lenses bring dependable functionality to industrial imaging. Unlike motorized lenses which offer a limited number of cycles, bulky form factors, low-shock resistance, and high-power consumption, Varioptic lenses have no moving parts and feature electrowetting technology that uses electrostatic forces to change the radius of the spherical interface between two immiscible liquids. They also enable exceptional shock and vibration resistance, which is essential for current and future applications.

“Varioptic became a part of Corning in 2017 through an acquisition that included Varioptic and Invenios technologies,” said John Duke, vice president and general manager, Corning Glass Microsystems. “We believe the synergies from this acquisition will lead to exciting new liquid lens application opportunities and the advancement of our microsystems business.” (Source: Corning)

Link: Corning Varioptic Lenses, Corning Technology Center, Lyon, France

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