Concept Laser Sets Up US Subsidiary

The fact that US markets are developing dynamically with regard to additive manufacturing strategies is no longer insider knowledge. The main impulses keep coming from the field of aerospace.
Concept Laser has stated that thorough preparations were made before starting to form its own structure in the US. Firstly, because the company wants to promote itself in a sustainable and professional manner and secondly, because the headquarters  wants to demonstrate its technological expertise, which is based on numerous patents. As a medium-sized company run by its owners, they are, according to John Murray, not obliged to be listed on the stock exchange but instead can reinvest the revenue in fields of the future such as product development and R&D. John Murray: “Concept Laser is driven by technology, not capital.”
Now the first step has been taken, the management team at Concept Laser expects the capacity of the US business to be extended even further. However, they do not want to neglect the European markets and intend to continue adapting the structure according to market requirements. In the short term, the company will be strengthening regional activities in China, at the Ningbo office, in order to ensure short pathways to the customer in all three important industrial regions of the triad. The task of the regional management team will be to enable service functions and fast responses to customer demands while at the same time improving communication with users and allowing a high level of information exchange.  “With our headquarters serving the European market, a new branch office in the US and an established branch office in China, we are now active in three significant regions around the world,” said Frank Herzog, President & CEO of Concept Laser GmbH. (Source: Laser Technik Journal 1 / 2015)

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