Coherent Celebrates 25 Years of Dilas

Celebration held at the Kurfürstliche Schloss in downtown Mainz (Source: Coherent)

On October 26, 2019, the Coherent business unit in Mainz, Germany – originally Dilas – celebrated 25 years of operation and growth from a startup to one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high-power diode lasers, with more than three hundred employees and locations on three continents, Europe, America, and Asia.

Dilas was originally registered on October 25, 1994, with the purpose of the “development, manufacturing and sales of high-power diode lasers.” The company rapidly developed a series of highly successful products, ranging from single bar components and multibar sub-assemblies to high brightness, fiber-coupled diode laser modules and complete turnkey high-power diode laser systems. It was acquired by Coherent in 2016.

Employees marked the anniversary with a celebration held at the Kurfürstliche Schloss in downtown Mainz. The festivities included a short company presentation by site manager Dr. Juergen Jandeleit, food and drinks, all followed by a dance party with songs from 1994. “Diode lasers have become a key enabling technology, used directly, as well as in pump sources for solid-state and fiber lasers,” noted Jandeleit. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, and employees, who have all contributed to making us a leader in this critical technology.” (Source: Coherent)

Link: Diode Lasers, Coherent Inc., Santa Clara, Cal., USA


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