Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes

A new low-cost absorbing tile will be used in the camera to absorb environmental emissions

Hypertelescopes for More Details

An upgraded hypertelescope could image multiple stars simultaneously

National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory Launched

Major NSF astronomy initiative started 1 October 2019

FlyEyes for Planetary Defense

ESA’s first bug-eyed asteroid hunter being installed in Sicily

Astrocombs for Planet-Hunting Telescopes

New tool for discovery and characterization of exoplanets around nearby stars

New Design Method for Free-Form Optics

New geometries will help accelerate the adoption of freeform optics in industry

Webb’s Laser-Focused Sight

James Webb Space Telescope will be able to perfect its own vision while in orbit

Better Telescope Mirrors With Silver

Atomic layer deposition for new protective coatings for large silver-based telescope mirrors

PI Supplies Drive Technology for ELT

Physik Instrumente signed contract with ESO for supplying actuators for world’s largest telescope

Exceeding the Rayleigh Limit

Experiment shows resolutions up to 17 times lower than Rayleigh’s limit