First Laser Spectroscopy of Short-Lived Radioactive Molecules

Essential step towards using these molecules for fundamental physics research and beyond

Switching Between Transparent and Reflective

A new metamaterial capable of changing its optical properties without any mechanical input

Imaging Nanostructures with Aspherical Microlenses

New concept of ultralong working distance spectroscopy with 3D-printed aspherical microlenses

Ultrafast Camera Takes 70 Trillion Frames per Second

Device is fast enough to see waves of light traveling and the fluorescent decay of molecules

A Temporal Supersymmetry

New approach to designing omnidirectional invisible materials

A New Quantum Radar Prototype

Instead of using conven­tional microwaves, the researchers entangle two groups of photons

Self-Aligning Microscope with Super-Resolution

New instrument enables direct distance measurements between molecules in intact cells on the scale between 1 and 20 nm

Photon-Photon Interactions in a Tunable Optical Cavity

Olive oil mediates a dynamic hysteresis measured with the transmission of laser light through a cavity

Fast Laser Produces Coherent Soft X-​Rays

New approach should enable studies in the biological, chemical and material sciences

Novel Material for an Efficient Photodetector

A very affordable metal-organic framework covers a broad range of wavelengths