Prototype of a Solar-Driven Laser

A fully planar device converts sunlight into a laser beam, which can efficiently power hydrogen fuel generators

New Solution for Painted Solar Cells

Important consideration for transferring from spin-coating to large-area blade coating

When Skyscrapers Catch the Light

Transparent solar panels on windows could take a bite out of a building’s electricity needs

New Solar Cells for Space

Perovskite and organic solar cells prove successful on a rocket flight in space

Solar Cells: Picosecond Lasers Save 20,000 Tons of CO2

Improved CIGS thin film cells production is 10 – 15 % more efficient

New Way to Larger Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar cell modules of 21 cm² size reach a record power conversion efficiencies of 18.1 %

Thinner Photonic Crystals

The new insights lead to design rules for new optoelectronic devices for efficient telecommunication and computers

Spray Coating Stabilizes Solar Cells

New approach offers practical way to make multilayer perovskite solar cells

Non-Toxic and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells

An international collaboration has engineered a new hybrid perovskite material with promising efficiency and stability

The Power of Light for Internet of Underwater Things

Simultaneously transfer energy and data to submerged devices