Developing an Intelligent Camera-Sensor Technology

Project MISEL – Multispectral Intelligent Vision System with Embedded Low-Power Neural Computing

Ultrabright Dots See Beyond Skin Deep

New polymer dots can produce low-noise images with single-molecule sensitivity

“A New Era in Large Area CMOS Imaging”

Teledyne Imaging’s new LACera technology promises new generation of scientific discovery

Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes

A new low-cost absorbing tile will be used in the camera to absorb environmental emissions

Higher Accuracy in Face Recognition

Researchers have detected some groups that show higher false positive or false negative rates

Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

IR-Spectroscopy Shows Quality of Natural Gas

An infrared spectrometer detects the percentages of methane, ethane, propane, butane and longer hydrocarbon chains

A Laser-Based Sensor for Benzene

Sensor exhibits high selectivity and sensitivity to benzene with detection limit of 2 ppb

Spectral Sensing for Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Testing

AMS technology chosen by optical metrology specialist Eldim

Shining a Light on Metamaterials

Using ultrashort electron pulses to measure light-matter interactions in nanophotonic materials