Optical Test for Cancer

Sensitive spectroscopy approach detects formaldehyde at a level of just 1 part per million

New Sensor to Make Chemical Plants Safer

Gas detector uses photonics components with no flammable parts to detect toxic and explosive solvents

Trumpf and Sick Develop First Industrial Quantum Sensor

Experts estimate total market for quantum sensors at about € 1.1 B by 2023

Terahertz Waves Image Breast Cancer

New approach to a rapid and precise on-site diagnosis of various types of cancer

Photonic Barcodes Record Energy Transfer

Cavity-enhanced radiative energy transfer converts information from a single droplet into trillions of photonic barcodes

Laser Measures Biomass in World’s Largest Trees

Volume and biomass of giant Californian redwood trees measured for the first time

Detecting Colors in the Dark

Recording broad spectra with two mode-locked femtosecond laser and a single photon counting detector

Ultrafast Camera Films 3D Movies at 100 Billion Frames Per Second

Single-shot stereo-polarimetric compressed ultrafast photography uses polarization information

Microscopy Beyond the Resolution Limit

New method of super-resolution optical fluctuation image scanning microscopy for biological samples

Capturing Light in a Quasicrystal

Quasicrystals may open up new possibilities for laser and sensor design