To Make a Sensor Better: Add Noise

Stochastic resonance applied to sensors helps detect signals otherwise too faint to capture

Capturing up to 500 Billion 3D Points per Second

Optical coordinate measuring system for integration into the production line

Accelerating 3D Integration Technology in IR Detectors

Lynred has joined the Nanoelec consortium as a partner

3D Live-Imaging of Retinal Organoids

New method is faster and requires much lower illumination intensity than nonlinear microscopy techniques

First Photo of Individual Atoms Floating

New method to study the interaction of light and matter extremely precisely

Laser Takes Pictures of Electrons in Crystals

Picoscope: a new type of a light microscope with a resolution of a few tens of picometers

Turbulences in Frequency Combs

New type of a laser frequency comb could be used for optical spectroscopy and sensing

Point-Of-Care Rapid Antibody Test for COVID-19

AMS and Senova join efforts – 10× sensitive than most of standard rapid-test read-out devices

A New Quantum-Inspired Optical Sensor

A step closer to affordable linear optics-based sensors with high performance characteristics

Metasurface Opens World of Polarization

New device may have far-reaching applications in polarization imaging and quantum optics