Coin-Sized Infrared Spectrometer

New device makes use of special waveguides with an optical refractive index that can be adjusted externally via an electric field

Metasurface with Helical Patterns

New device can control optical fields in three dimensions

Combining Raman and Infrared Spectroscopy

New technology will reveal the structures of molecules with increased detail and specificity

Hand-Held Microwave Imaging

Shrinking bulky imaging systems down to millimeter sized chip could be used to see through walls or detect tumors

New Framework for Nanoantenna Light Absorption

To overcome the diffraction limit, the reseachers coupled photonic crystals with a plasmonic nanoantenna

Porsche Invests in Photonics Start-up

Strategic financing of TriEye’s sensor technology for short-wave infrared

First All-Metamaterial Optical Gas Sensor

The device is ideal for the Internet of Things and smart home devices to detect changes in the environment

New Sensor Technology to Check Air Quality in Cities

Researchers are working on new possibilities of measuring vehicle emissions based on laser pulses

Chameleon Skin Powered by Nanomachines

The artificial material is made of tiny particles of gold coated in a polymer shell, squeezed into microdroplets of water in oil

Artificial Compound Eye Developed

Device could be used for 3D location systems for robots, self-driving cars and unmanned aerial vehicles