A New Efficient, Pure-Blue OLED

Novel approach shows promise for overcoming the bottleneck of blue emission in displays using organic light-emitting diodes

New LED Emits Warm and Cool White Light

New LEDs include both blue-light emitting quantum wells and red quantum wells

Light in Ballistic Resonance

Hyperbolic metamaterials are a potential path to enhanced imaging and smaller supercomputers

First All-Silicon Optical Transmitter at 100 Gbps

Silicon modulator was fabri­cated through Southampton’s Cornerstone research fabrication foundry service

A Novel Type of Nonlinear Photonic Circuitry

Intense light beams can define their own path and render themselves impervious to external perturbations

Breaking the Power Limit of Lasers

A new VCSEL-design aims to enhance slow-light optical feedback, thus extending the temporal laser bandwidth

Infrared OLEDs Reach New World Record

Prototypes harness triplet energy without relying on metal atoms

An Optically Controlled Quantum Network

A nanoscale node could interact with other nodes, using laser light to emit and accept photons

Converting IR into Visible Colors

Nonlinear nanophotonics transform light from near-infrared lasers to visible wavelengths

Quantum Dot Emitter for Broadband IR

A new class of broadband solid state light emitters based on colloidal quantum dot thin film technology