Optoplasmonic Sensor to Ensure Milk Quality

Unique integrated sensor architecture delivers results in five minutes

1.6 Tb/s Low-Emission Photonic Internet

TERIPHIC consortium is developing new optical transceiver modules for data centers

Gentle Diagnosis of Esophageal Diseases

Leibniz IPHT scientists develop a catheter that facilitates the examination for patients and provides more information for physicians

Automated Manufacture of Lidar Systems

Low-cost solid-state system for the automotive industry

New Method of Building Switching Elements for Data Centers

Research and innovation project L3MATRIX completed successfully

New Sensor Technology to Check Air Quality in Cities

Researchers are working on new possibilities of measuring vehicle emissions based on laser pulses

Optimization of Welding Processes for Plastic Materials

Research project focuses on large-format SLS components

New Steel Materials for 3D Printing

AddSteel project to develop new steel materials specifically for use in the LPBF process

Airborne Lidar Improves Climate Models

Instrument improves measurements of atmospheric gases that cause global warming

Fiber Optic Network Monitors Earthquake Aftershocks

Proof-of-viability study provides clearer look at evolution of seismic sequence