Better Optical Fibers Under High Pressure

Silica glass fibers manufactured under high pressure could cut signal loss in half

Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

Building Thin Optical Fibers in a Simple Way

The prototypes are not only extremely compact and stable, but also color-tunable

Trapping Light Without Back Reflections

A new technique for suppressing back reflections is leading to better signal quality for sensing and information technology

Blue-Light Stride in Perovskite-Based LEDs

High energy efficiency of up to 11 % for the blue perovskite-based LEDs achieved

Laser Supports Minimally Invasive Surgery

A laser-steering microrobot operates with high speed and precision and can be integrated with existing endoscopic tools

Light-Carrying Chips Advance Machine Learning

First approach to apply frequency combs in the field of artificially neural networks

3D Print of Detailed Glass Objects

Multiphoton polymerization approach might one day be used to print complex optics

World’s Fastest Optical Neuromorphic Processor

A new technique interleaves the data in time, wavelength and spatial dimensions through an integrated microcomb source

A New Method of Optical Distance Measurement

Using methods from quantum information theory to overcome the resolution limit