Optical Network Accelerates Machine Learning

Innovation heralds a new era of optical signal processing for machine learning with numerous applications

Artificial Visual System for Future AI

A flexible quasi-2DEG artificial visual system for high-performance light detection

An Efficient Modem for the Future Quantum Internet

Basic technology will allow users to connect to a future quantum internet that is based on the existing fiber optic network infrastructure

Optical Wiring for Quantum Computers

New hardware offers a route to practical parallelization for high-fidelity quantum processors

Detecting Colors in the Dark

Recording broad spectra with two mode-locked femtosecond laser and a single photon counting detector

Optical Knots Encode Information

Approach for new methods of distributing secret cryptographic keys

Quantum Physicist Awarded MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grant

Monika Schleier-Smith honored with a $625,000 stipend to study many-particle quantum systems.

Transporting Stored Light

Light stored in a cloud of ultra-cold atoms can be transported by means of an optical conveyor belt

Squeezed Light to Improve Microscopy

Displacement of an atomic force microscope microcantilever measured with sensitivity better than the standard quantum limit

Single Photons From a Silicon Chip

New, stable prototype can produce 100,000 single photons per second