High-Performance Fluorescence Filters for PoC Quick Covid-19 Testing

Delta’s filters are designed for the latest of PoC instruments and are used in clinical applications in the biotech, biomedical, and drug discovery sectors.

Fastest Commercially Available Wavelength Meter

Wavelength Meter “WS Fast series” with ultra high speed measurement rates, the fastest commercially available device of its kind. It combines excellent accuracy with a maximum data acquisition rate of up to 76 kHz.

Precise Angle Adjustment and Monitoring

New „ELCOMAT vario N“ product line of electronic autocollimators ideal for angular position monitoring or adjustment of reflectors in the optics, laser and semiconductor industries.

Compact CW Single Frequency DPSSL at 266 nm with 25 mW Optical Power

New continuous wave “FQCW266-25-C” DUV laser emitting up to 25 mW output power at a wavelength of 266 nm.

Fun Quantum App for free

Entertaining “Quantum Quiz” app for playfully improving the knowledge of quantum technologies. The “Quantum Quiz” app is available for free on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.

Over 50.000 Sapphire Lasers for Biophotonics and more

Coherent has now passed the milestone of 50,000 units shipped for the company’s “Sapphire” family of compact CW visible lasers.

Automated CW OPO for Low-Noise Mid-Infrared High-Resolution Spectroscopy and Quantum Technology

CW OPO System “DLC TOPO” that stands alone as the only fully automated, continuous-wave, Optical Parametric Oscillator laser source on the market. It is designed for high-resolution spectroscopy across 1.45 to 4.0 μm (2500–6900 cm⁻¹) with up to 4 W output power.

Automated and Robot Guided CFRP Cleaning with a Compact Excimer Laser

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) are composite materials that offer a unique and highly desirable combination of physical strength and light weight. During processing, the residue on surfaces has to be removed. Various mechanical and chemical methods have been explored for the removal of these surface contaminations, but unfortunately, each of these methods has its own drawbacks.

Innovative Spectrometer System for Turbid Media

New and unique “SphereSpectro 150H” spectrometer system for simultaneously determining the spectral absorption and scattering coefficients for scattering samples.

Aberration-free High NA focusing Objective

An improved version of the “aplanoXX_NA0.8” objective for diffraction limited focusing with NA 0.8 inside transparent materials, with compensation for spherical aberration at depths ranging from 0 to 4 mm.