Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes

Free Space Narrow Linewidth Laser Diodes from the “FRLD-VBG” series that are designed to meet Raman spectroscopy requirements.

Self-aligning Raman Imaging Microscope

New generation of the confocal Raman microscope “alpha300 apyron” that can – thanks to the newly developed “AutoBeam” technology – self-align and self-calibrate. This substantially reduces the researcher’s experimental workload by requiring less user input, enhancing reproducibility and eliminating potential sources of error.

New Turbomolecular Pumps with Increased Pumping Speeds and Performance Enhancements

New larger variants “nEXT730” and “nEXT930” oft the proven “nEXT” turbomolecular pump range, featuring faster pumping speed performance and outstanding compression ratios for increased improved cycle times and low ultimate pressures. They are ideally suited to customers requiring increased performance, improved cycle times and reduced operational pressures.

UV radiometer for UV-C LEDs and low-pressure Hg germicidal lamps

Radiometer “X1-1-UV-3726” that enables the effectiveness of UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to be accurately determined for both low pressure mercury (254 nm) germicidal lamps and UV-C LEDs. Additionally, the device has sufficient sensitivity to detect if undesired exposure poses a photobiological safety risk to users.

Pick and Place Station

Pick and place station “NanoPlace” for demanding micro assembly tasks that uses various precision assembly technologies like gluing, eutectic bonding, soldering, welding, etc.

High-end Picosecond Diode Laser Driver

New high-end picosecond diode laser driver “Taiko PDL M1” with the new “Max Power” mode of operation. It allows running existing and new laser heads with increased power.

Opto-electronic Testing for VCSEL Lasers on Wafer Level

NanoTest” station with opto-electronic testing for VCSEL type lasers (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) on wafer level. Optical and electrical qualification of VCSELs at the wafer level helps to differentiate well-working lasers from the ones with mediocre performance. In this way, unnecessary processing of low-quality devices is saved early and possible problems during wafer production will be determined.

Advanced Pulse Synchronization Improves Picosecond Laser Micromachining

High-power picosecond laser series “HyperRapid NXT” that employs advanced pulsing technology to enable micromachining with precision and a minimal heat affected zone (HAZ). Specifically, the laser implements Coherent’s “PulseEQ” technology, which delivers strings of synchronous, invariant pulses on demand from an external trigger signal. This jitter-free, precision triggering and advanced energy control enables system builders […]

Faster Detection, Classification And Identification Of Microparticles

Revolutionary particle analysis tool “ParticleScout” for the “alpha300” Raman microscope series. It enables researchers to find, classify, quantify and identify particles quickly and easily and to find correlations between the physical and chemical attributes of particles.

Vibration isolated Optical Tables and Cleanroom Solutions

Customized cleanroom cabinets, housings and tents as well as breadboards, optical tables and table systems.