PULSATE to Boost Advanced and Additive Manufacturing

Establish and support the digital agora platform for laser-based, highly digitized environments

Semicon Techniques Employed for New NASA Detector

AstroPix: creating devices the same way electronics companies produce cell phones, laptops

Ramping up AI for Industrial Use

Trumpf and Fraunhofer IPA confirm research partnership, develop artificial intelligence solutions for sheet metal manufacturing

Solar Cells: Picosecond Lasers Save 20,000 Tons of CO2

Improved CIGS thin film cells production is 10 – 15 % more efficient

New Way to Larger Perovskite Solar Cells

Solar cell modules of 21 cm² size reach a record power conversion efficiencies of 18.1 %

Artificial Intelligence Making Inroads into Industry

Review: AI for Laser Technology Conference, 6–7 November 2019, Aachen, Germany

Metal AM on the Verge of a Breakthrough

Alliance of six Fraunhofer institutes presents lighthouse project futureAM

Optical Tweezers for Photonic Nanosoldering

Optical traps are able to manipulate, align, and assemble metal-seeded nanowire building blocks in a range of organic solvents

Blowing Tiny Optical Lenses

Wafer-level process would allow easy integration into biomedical imaging instruments

Flexible Dielectric Glass Metasurfaces

The new production method employs a natural process already used in fluid mechanics