Creation of Photon-Photon Polaritons

Optical microresonators host quasiparticles made by two photons

New Microscopy Method with Nanometer Resolution

MINSTED resolves fluorescent molecules with resolution at the nanometer scale

An Ultra-Degree-of-Freedom Structured Vector Beam

Structured light with more controllable degrees-of-freedom is an exciting topic with versatile applications

Switching Nanolight On and Off

A new way to program light with layered crystals on an ultra-small scale

Lasing Mechanism in Water Droplets

Detailed view on the mechanism of droplet lasers when interacting with a droplet–solid interface

Light in Ballistic Resonance

Hyperbolic metamaterials are a potential path to enhanced imaging and smaller supercomputers

Temporal Control of Light Echoes

Precision control of collective light emission from multiple nano-systems for the very first time

Unique Process for Producing Light-Matter Mixture

Basis for the next generation of quantum-based optical and electronic devices

Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes

A bio-based, polymer matrix-free, luminescent, and hydrophobic film shows excellent mechanical properties for optical lighting purposes

Faster Way to Measure the Electric Field of Light

New method works in ambient air and facilitates a direct measurement of the field waveform