Using a Microscopic Ring to Produce Pulsed Light

A chip-based device can generate a laser signal with frequencies spaced in a comb-like fashion

Using Light Force to Study Single Molecules

Scientists at EPFL show how a light-induced force can amplify the sensitivity and resolution of a SERS.

Onion-like Nanoparticles Could Open new Frontiers in Bio Imaging

Converting low-energy light to light of higher energies with record-high efficiency.

Creating Ideal Geometric Phase Holograms in Nearly any Pattern

By controlling the orientation of the molecules that manipulate the light, researchers found a way to create a wide variety of new holograms.

Hyperspectral Camera in your Pocket

Affordable HyperCam reveals hidden details invisible to the naked eye and could be used food safety for consumer.

Laser-based Cancer Imaging

Laser-based imaging tool could increase accuracy and safety of brain tumor surgery.

Laser Light for the Production of Batteries

Energy consumption can be halved with a laser-based drying process.

Doubled Precision of Solar Photo­vol­taic Pow­er Meas­ure­ments

Reduction of uncertainties for photovoltaic reference cells

Measuring Luminous Efficacy of LEDs

New method helps discovering the most efficient lamps, which may save billions in lighting costs in the future

Monitoring the Large-scale Manufacture of Stem Cells

The specially-developed optical interferometer uses beams of light for ultra-precise measurement