Single Photons From a Silicon Chip

New, stable prototype can produce 100,000 single photons per second

How Photons Behave Like Electrons

A new technique to create tuneable artificial magnetic fields, which enable photons to mimic the dynamics of charged particles

New Solar Cells for Space

Perovskite and organic solar cells prove successful on a rocket flight in space

Using Air to Amplify Light

A new technology to amplify light in the latest hollow-core optical fibers

Stretching the Spectra of Frequency Combs

Waveguide design lets silicon compete with glass in frequency comb generation

A New Ultra-High-Speed Terahertz Chip

New chip can transmit terahertz waves resulting in a data rate of 11 Gigabits per second

Getting a Grip on Near-Field Light

New approach for particle manipulation, high resolution microscopy and communications

2D Material for Single Photon Emitters

Emission properties can be adjusted simply by bending or straining the material at a specific location

Shaking Light with Sound

A new scheme for on-chip acousto-optic modulation

iPronics Selected „Spinoffs to Watch“

UPV deep-tech spinoff receives Nature/Merck prize recognition