New Kind of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Advanced laser-printing techniques prove ideal for creating tiny optical communication devices with complex internal structures

Microspheres for Broadband Frequency-Doubling

New material made of disordered nanocrystals could be used in lasers and other light technologies

How Nanotubes Transport Light

An ordered optical behaviour can emerge from a disordered molecular structure

Topological Photonics in Fractal Lattices

A fractal photonic crystal consists of evanescently coupled helical waveguides

A Pause Button for Light

A hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber filled with laser-cooled atoms might serve as single photon source

How Twistronics Manipulates the Flow of Light

A promising pathway for leapfrog advancement in imaging, optical-computing technologies and biosensing

Thinner Photonic Crystals

The new insights lead to design rules for new optoelectronic devices for efficient telecommunication and computers

Planar Systems for Optical Transistors

Coupling of photons to excitons in a thin molybdenum diselenide semiconductor layer

A Funnel of Light

New device could serve as a new platform for hypersensitive optical detectors

Topological States in Photonic Crystals

Topological protection offers new prospects for manipulating classical and quantum information