Laser Generates Random Numbers at Ultrafast Speeds

Scientists achieve a total bit rate of 250 terabits per second with off-line postprocessing

Free-Space Optical Light for High-Speed Wifi

Nanocubes interact with the silver base in a way that enhances the photonic capabilities of the fluorescent dye

Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

Trapping Light Without Back Reflections

A new technique for suppressing back reflections is leading to better signal quality for sensing and information technology

Light-Carrying Chips Advance Machine Learning

First approach to apply frequency combs in the field of artificially neural networks

Optical Network Accelerates Machine Learning

Innovation heralds a new era of optical signal processing for machine learning with numerous applications

Light in Ballistic Resonance

Hyperbolic metamaterials are a potential path to enhanced imaging and smaller supercomputers

Light Confinement in a 3D Space

High-resolution 3D waveguides transcend the restrictions of light confinement in a single plane

Air-Filled Fiber Cables Outperform Standard Optical Fibers

A fiber that guides light through air, offers the potential for advances in quantum communications, data transmission, and laser power delivery

First All-Silicon Optical Transmitter at 100 Gbps

Silicon modulator was fabri­cated through Southampton’s Cornerstone research fabrication foundry service