A Cross-Vendor Optics Discovery Portal

More than 40,000 optical elements from 17 different vendors available in the portal

Acquisition of Reflex Imaging by PLX

Expertise allows creation of active optics department within PLX’s New York facility

Adaptive Optics with Cascading Elements

A cascaded dual deformable phase plate wavefront modulator doubles the aberration correction range

Eliminate Foggy Lenses

Satisloh’s high-performance anti-fog solution for eyeglasses

Videos Beamed Straight onto Human Retina

A new miniature laser-based device for wearable displays and smart glasses

Preview: Digital Aachen Polymer Optics Days

First session: 1 December 2020, online

Parity-Time Symmetry in a Single Spatial Resonator

Technology opens new avenues for the implementation of non-Hermitian photonic systems

How Nanotubes Transport Light

An ordered optical behaviour can emerge from a disordered molecular structure

Metasurfaces for High Contrast Imaging

New method works as a 2D differentiator with the 2D edge detection covering all the visible frequencies

Prototype of a Solar-Driven Laser

A fully planar device converts sunlight into a laser beam, which can efficiently power hydrogen fuel generators