Cool Eyes on Fever Screening

Full-face readings can optimize fever screening with infrared thermographs

Squeezed Light to Improve Microscopy

Displacement of an atomic force microscope microcantilever measured with sensitivity better than the standard quantum limit

Terahertz Receiver for 6G

Ultra-fast wireless communications with highest data rate in terahertz transmission so far

3D Live-Imaging of Retinal Organoids

New method is faster and requires much lower illumination intensity than nonlinear microscopy techniques

Silicon Cameras as Mid-Infrared Detectors

Wide-field MIR images can be obtained at 100 ms exposure times using weak picosecond pulses

Getting a Grip on Near-Field Light

New approach for particle manipulation, high resolution microscopy and communications

First Photo of Individual Atoms Floating

New method to study the interaction of light and matter extremely precisely

Looking Deeper into the Ocean

Lidar systems can probe the ocean up to three times deeper than satellite remote sensing techniques

New Depths in Infrared Nanospectroscopy

Findings push the technique further to quantitative chemometrics at the nanoscale in three dimensions

Robust Laser Technology for Climate Satellites

Merlin supposed to do lidar magic, measure atmospheric methane concentrations