Shrimp Inspires New Breed of Light Sensors

Bionic optical sensor fits on a smartphone and is capable of hyperspectral and polarimetric imaging

New Microscopy Method with Nanometer Resolution

MINSTED resolves fluorescent molecules with resolution at the nanometer scale

A New Optical Sensor for Acceleration

The optomechanical accelerometer could be used as a portable, high-accuracy reference device

Ultrabright Dots See Beyond Skin Deep

New polymer dots can produce low-noise images with single-molecule sensitivity

A Sharper Look at Semiconductors

Extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography unveils the interior of materials with nanometer precision

Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes

A new low-cost absorbing tile will be used in the camera to absorb environmental emissions

Higher Accuracy in Face Recognition

Researchers have detected some groups that show higher false positive or false negative rates

Trapping Light Without Back Reflections

A new technique for suppressing back reflections is leading to better signal quality for sensing and information technology

A New Method of Optical Distance Measurement

Using methods from quantum information theory to overcome the resolution limit

New Method for Fluorescence Microscopy

A fluorescence lifetime microscopy technique uses frequency combs and no mechanical parts to observe dynamic biological phenomena