Color Blindness-Correcting Contact Lenses

A rose-tinted gel with gold nanoparticles filtered light within 520 – 580 nanometers

Light Pretending to be a Ferromagnet

An optical cavity filled with a liquid crystal enables to investigate exotic states of polarization of light

Frequency Combs in a Photonic Molecule

A step towards the study of emergent nonlinear phenomena in soliton networks and multimodal lattices

A Fano-Resonant Ultrathin Optical Coating

New kind of coating can simultaneously reflect and transmit the same wavelength

Hyperspectral Nanoimaging of 2D Materials

New imaging technique provides link to innovative products

New Kind of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Advanced laser-printing techniques prove ideal for creating tiny optical communication devices with complex internal structures

Lasing Mechanism in Water Droplets

Detailed view on the mechanism of droplet lasers when interacting with a droplet–solid interface

Metamaterials Boost Sensitivity of Large Telescopes

A new low-cost absorbing tile will be used in the camera to absorb environmental emissions

Battling COVID-19 Using UV Light

Conjugated polymers, when combined with UV light, could almost completely kill the coronavirus

Adaptive Optics with Cascading Elements

A cascaded dual deformable phase plate wavefront modulator doubles the aberration correction range