3D Printed Glass Enhances Optical Design Flexibility

Tailoring the gradient in the material compositions by actively controlling the ratio of two different glass-forming pastes

Shining a Light on Metamaterials

Using ultrashort electron pulses to measure light-matter interactions in nanophotonic materials

A Novel Type of Nonlinear Photonic Circuitry

Intense light beams can define their own path and render themselves impervious to external perturbations

Graphene Controls Laser Frequency Combs

Chance for a new platform at the interface of single atomic layer optoelectronics and ultrafast photonics

A High-Power, Portable Terahertz Laser

The new terahertz quantum cascade laser can function at temperatures of up to 250 K

Infrared OLEDs Reach New World Record

Prototypes harness triplet energy without relying on metal atoms

Mimicking Moth Eyes for Anti-Reflective Coatings

A new, simple and scalable strategy to produce resin films with anti-reflective nanostructures

Liquid Window Saves Energy

Window panel with hydrogels can simultaneously block the sun to regulate solar transmission while trapping thermal heat

An Optically Controlled Quantum Network

A nanoscale node could interact with other nodes, using laser light to emit and accept photons

Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes

A bio-based, polymer matrix-free, luminescent, and hydrophobic film shows excellent mechanical properties for optical lighting purposes