New Kind of Photonic Crystal Fibers

Advanced laser-printing techniques prove ideal for creating tiny optical communication devices with complex internal structures

Better Optical Fibers Under High Pressure

Silica glass fibers manufactured under high pressure could cut signal loss in half

Building Thin Optical Fibers in a Simple Way

The prototypes are not only extremely compact and stable, but also color-tunable

A World Record Transmission in an Optical Fiber

Successful transmission of 1 petabit per second using a single-core multimode optical fiber

Better Optical Fibers for Gyroscopes

Anew type of hollow core optical fiber overcomes several factors that have limited previous resonator fiber optic gyroscopes

Fiber-Optic Sensors Transmit Data up to 100 Times Faster

With a new method, sensors can receive higher-energy signals and decode them faster

Optical Wiring for Quantum Computers

New hardware offers a route to practical parallelization for high-fidelity quantum processors

Tuning Lasers Towards IR

Large wavelength tunability can be achieved with a hollow-core fiber filled with nitrogen

Growing 2D Materials on Optical Fibers

Integrating transition metal dichalcogenides into specially developed glass fibers

Emtelle and Incab Launch New Optical Cable Manufacturer

Two industry leaders join forces to establish Emcab in Erfurt, Germany