Emtelle and Incab Launch New Optical Cable Manufacturer

Two industry leaders join forces to establish Emcab in Erfurt, Germany

Using Air to Amplify Light

A new technology to amplify light in the latest hollow-core optical fibers

A New Hollow-Core Optical Fiber

Enhancing the potential of optical interferometric systems and sensors

Revamping Optical Fibers to Transmit Even More Data

Telecom companies have installed over 2.5 billion miles of optical fibers – enough to reach from Earth to Neptune

Precision Fiber Alignment Arrays Introduced by Optoscribe

Structures offer unrivalled levels of optical performance through precise alignment of fiber arrays

Entanglement Over 50 km of Optical Fiber

A quantum internet promises absolutely tap-proof communication and powerful distributed sensor networks

Optoscribe and Sumitomo Electric Announce Strategic Cooperation

Addressing to deliver multicore fiber components for datacom and telecom applications

Controlling Fluorescence with Nanofibers

Better understanding of the interaction between light and atoms near a nanoscale light-guiding structure

Rising Demand for Optical Fibers for Broadband Expansion

Leoni and Hengtong to establish a joint venture for the manufacture of single-mode fibers in Europe

Rogue Waves of Light

An algorithm picks out features in the spectra that could predict the emergence of a rogue wave