Luminescent Wood Could Light Up Homes

A bio-based, polymer matrix-free, luminescent, and hydrophobic film shows excellent mechanical properties for optical lighting purposes

OLED-Displays for Virtual Reality Devices

New metaphotonic OLED displays use metasurfaces to reach resolutions of up to 10,000 pixels per inch

New Optical Fabrication Design Tool

Swiss start-up PanDao lets you check optical designs for producibility with online tool

Prototype of a Solar-Driven Laser

A fully planar device converts sunlight into a laser beam, which can efficiently power hydrogen fuel generators

Tailored Light Inspired by Nature

Light fields using caustics do not change during propagation

Branched Flow of Light

Branched flow opens the door to many new ideas in optics and optofluidics

“The Future of Optical Design”

3DOptix releases open, cloud-based optical design and simulation software

A Living Photosynthetic Microcavity

New photonic approach to boost nanoelectricity from living microalgae

A Funnel of Light

New device could serve as a new platform for hypersensitive optical detectors

Focus-Free Camera with a New Flat Lens

New technology poised to drastically reduce weight, complexity and cost of cameras while increasing functionality