Controlling Fully Integrated Nanodiamonds

Diamond-based quantum systems are the basis for a new class of nanophotonic circuits

A Novel Type of Nonlinear Photonic Circuitry

Intense light beams can define their own path and render themselves impervious to external perturbations

An Efficient Modem for the Future Quantum Internet

Basic technology will allow users to connect to a future quantum internet that is based on the existing fiber optic network infrastructure

An Optically Controlled Quantum Network

A nanoscale node could interact with other nodes, using laser light to emit and accept photons

Modulating Light at Terahertz Frequencies

Nanophotonics researchers demonstrate ultrafast polarization switching

Optical Wiring for Quantum Computers

New hardware offers a route to practical parallelization for high-fidelity quantum processors

Optical Knots Encode Information

Approach for new methods of distributing secret cryptographic keys

Transporting Stored Light

Light stored in a cloud of ultra-cold atoms can be transported by means of an optical conveyor belt

Single Photons From a Silicon Chip

New, stable prototype can produce 100,000 single photons per second

Machine Learning for Efficient Quantum Sources

A new method could make quantum photonic circuit development more efficient by rapidly preselecting solid-state quantum emitters