A New Kind of Microcomb on a Chip

New device could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

Thin-Film LEDs for Virtual Reality Technologies

Directional and polarized emissions from an organic LED without external optical elements

Millimeter Wave Photonics with Terahertz Lasers

New approach for compact, low noise mm-wave generation using THz frequency combs

Twistoptics to Control Optical Nonlinearity

First technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications

Color Blindness-Correcting Contact Lenses

A rose-tinted gel with gold nanoparticles filtered light within 520 – 580 nanometers

Frequency Combs in a Photonic Molecule

A step towards the study of emergent nonlinear phenomena in soliton networks and multimodal lattices

Resonant Storing of Light

A new way to use resonance to harness the energy of light more effectively inside microresonators

Switching Nanolight On and Off

A new way to program light with layered crystals on an ultra-small scale

A Fano-Resonant Ultrathin Optical Coating

New kind of coating can simultaneously reflect and transmit the same wavelength

Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication