A World Record Transmission in an Optical Fiber

Successful transmission of 1 petabit per second using a single-core multimode optical fiber

Hitachi Acquires VLC Photonics

High-tech corporation adds photonic integration engineering, design and test to its portfolio

Quantum Photonics Platform to Ensure Ultrasecure Data

CEA-Leti to build demonstrators for transmitting and receiving qubits

Direct Laser Writing of 3D Lenses

Basis for three-dimensional waveguides to dramatically improve data routing, transfer speed and energy efficiency

Light Confinement in a 3D Space

High-resolution 3D waveguides transcend the restrictions of light confinement in a single plane

Air-Filled Fiber Cables Outperform Standard Optical Fibers

A fiber that guides light through air, offers the potential for advances in quantum communications, data transmission, and laser power delivery

First All-Silicon Optical Transmitter at 100 Gbps

Silicon modulator was fabri­cated through Southampton’s Cornerstone research fabrication foundry service

Miraex Joins IBM Quantum Network

Photonic solutions provided for collaboration on distributed quantum computing

Fiber-Optic Sensors Transmit Data up to 100 Times Faster

With a new method, sensors can receive higher-energy signals and decode them faster

An Efficient Modem for the Future Quantum Internet

Basic technology will allow users to connect to a future quantum internet that is based on the existing fiber optic network infrastructure