First Demonstration of a 1 Petabit per Second Network Node

Gathering the latest advancements in optical fiber telecommunications technology towards practical petabit-class backbone networks

Photonic Crystals for Coupling Quantum Circuits

An new and easy-to-produce interface between quantum emitters and nanophotonic networks

Mynaric Relocates US Headquarters to Los Angeles

Uptick in interest in laser communication products has prompted move, expansion plans

John D’Ambrosia Joins EPIC as Advisor

Support for EPIC’s mission to foster the vibrant photonics ecosystem, liaison to Ethernet community

Nonlinear Optical Material Made of Tellurium Nanorods

Nanocomposite protects against intense light, holds promise for expanding high-speed optical networking capacity

Single-Mode Specification for Datacenter Applications

MSA consortium extends membership to nine new contributing members

Quantum Optics in Topological Waveguides

New principle for quantum simulators in which quantum bits can exchange light quanta via a waveguide

Second Node of the Space Data Highway Launched

High-precision laser provides near-real time data transmission in broadband quality

Spinning Lightwaves on a One-Way Street

Researchers designed an interface of mirror symmetric gyrotropic media

Steering Electrons with Light

Electrons in transition metals get redistributed within a fraction of an optical oscillation cycle