GSA Partners with Zeiss for Scholarship in Microscopy

Research grant of up to US$ 10,000 for innovative use of microscopy in geoscience

Faster Photoacoustic Microscopy

New method can find blocked blood vessels by monitoring the flow of red blood cells without using a contrast absorber

Faster Imaging of Nano-Objects

A new ultrafast stimulated emission microscopy technique allows imaging of nano-objects and investigating their dynamics

Designer Lens Helps See the Big Picture

A new method allows snapshot acquisition of high-resolution amplitude bright-field

Machine-Learning Microscope Adapts Lighting

Prototype teaches itself the best illumination settings for diagnosing malaria

Converting 2D Images into 3D Using Deep Learning

A deep neural network can be trained to virtually refocus a two-dimensional fluorescence image onto user-defined three-dimensional surfaces

A Multimodal Lensless Microscope

A suitcase sized microscope will allow medical doctors to make parasite diagnosis from body fluid samples directly on site

Hand-Held Microwave Imaging

Shrinking bulky imaging systems down to millimeter sized chip could be used to see through walls or detect tumors

Measuring Nano-Structured Light Fields

Combination of nano-optics and organic chemistry measures complex light landscapes

High-Definition Microscopy in Milliseconds

University researchers improve super-resolution structured illumination microscopy