Laser Supports Minimally Invasive Surgery

A laser-steering microrobot operates with high speed and precision and can be integrated with existing endoscopic tools

Tracking Particles with Raman Holography

A novel holographic technique is capable of tracking individual particles in 3D volumes from one single image

The Lightest Light Source

An ultrathin organic LED could revolutionize the future of mobile technologies

Cell-Tracking with Holographic Fluorescence Imaging

Novel techniques uses the intrinsic phase information of each individual photon

Optical Test for Cancer

Sensitive spectroscopy approach detects formaldehyde at a level of just 1 part per million

Terahertz Waves Image Breast Cancer

New approach to a rapid and precise on-site diagnosis of various types of cancer

Early Detection of Skin Cancer

Otto von Guericke Prize 2020 for a novel, hyperspectral early detection method

Novel Membrane Laser Module for Spectral Measurement Methods

Fraunhofer IAF has partnered with the start-up ‘21s’ to bring their unique laser concept to practice

High Speed Imaging of Living Cells

A new multifocus technique delivers images with high contrast and can be simply added to most existing microscopes

Microscopy Beyond the Resolution Limit

New method of super-resolution optical fluctuation image scanning microscopy for biological samples