AI Monitoring of Laser Welding

Detecting and documenting the moment of instability in laser deep penetration welding

Laser Inversion Enables Multi-Materials 3D Printing

New technique could transform additive manufacturing processes for circuit boards and perhaps even robots

Light‐Driven Gripper Grown on Optical Fibers

The tool is operated using visible light energy supplied through the fibers, with no force transmission

Optical Tweezers for Photonic Nanosoldering

Optical traps are able to manipulate, align, and assemble metal-seeded nanowire building blocks in a range of organic solvents

Living 3D Displays Recreated

A material system uses electromechanical actuation of twisted spiral artificial muscles

New Method for Dynamic 3D Printing

Printed microstructures can be moved by light and temperature

3D-Printing of Large Metallic Glasses

Laser based powder bed additive manufacturing to produce large Fe-based bulk metallic glasses

Optical Tweezer Assembles Electronic Components

Cost-effective optical manipulation platform suitable for mass production of electronic and light-based devices

New Alliance between Machine Building and IT for Industrie 4.0

World market leaders combine strengths in “Adamos“

Preview: EuroBlech 2016 – Intelligent Sheet Metal Processing

25 – 29 October 2016