A New Kind of Microcomb on a Chip

New device could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

A New Optical Sensor for Acceleration

The optomechanical accelerometer could be used as a portable, high-accuracy reference device

A Sharper Look at Semiconductors

Extreme ultraviolet coherence tomography unveils the interior of materials with nanometer precision

Hyperspectral Nanoimaging of 2D Materials

New imaging technique provides link to innovative products

Trapping Light Without Back Reflections

A new technique for suppressing back reflections is leading to better signal quality for sensing and information technology

A New Method of Optical Distance Measurement

Using methods from quantum information theory to overcome the resolution limit

Better Optical Fibers for Gyroscopes

Anew type of hollow core optical fiber overcomes several factors that have limited previous resonator fiber optic gyroscopes

IR-Spectroscopy Shows Quality of Natural Gas

An infrared spectrometer detects the percentages of methane, ethane, propane, butane and longer hydrocarbon chains

A Laser-Based Sensor for Benzene

Sensor exhibits high selectivity and sensitivity to benzene with detection limit of 2 ppb

Shining a Light on Metamaterials

Using ultrashort electron pulses to measure light-matter interactions in nanophotonic materials