Creation of Photon-Photon Polaritons

Optical microresonators host quasiparticles made by two photons

Lights On for Silicon Photonics

Demonstration of electroluminescence at terahertz frequencies from a silicon-germanium device

A New Kind of Microcomb on a Chip

New device could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

Making Quantum Dots Brighter

First atomic-scale observations of how nanocrystals lose their light-producing efficiency

Thin-Film LEDs for Virtual Reality Technologies

Directional and polarized emissions from an organic LED without external optical elements

An Ultra-Degree-of-Freedom Structured Vector Beam

Structured light with more controllable degrees-of-freedom is an exciting topic with versatile applications

Twistoptics to Control Optical Nonlinearity

First technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications

Light Pretending to be a Ferromagnet

An optical cavity filled with a liquid crystal enables to investigate exotic states of polarization of light

New Optical Antennas for Vortices of Light

Increasing the amount of information that can be simultaneously transmitted by a single light source

Frequency Combs in a Photonic Molecule

A step towards the study of emergent nonlinear phenomena in soliton networks and multimodal lattices