Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

Blue-Light Stride in Perovskite-Based LEDs

High energy efficiency of up to 11 % for the blue perovskite-based LEDs achieved

A New Efficient, Pure-Blue OLED

Novel approach shows promise for overcoming the bottleneck of blue emission in displays using organic light-emitting diodes

New LED Emits Warm and Cool White Light

Sophisticated design for LEDs include both blue-light emitting quantum wells and red quantum wells

Coherent Light from the UV to THz

High-brightness coherent and few-cycle duration source spanning 7 optical octaves

The Lightest Light Source

An ultrathin organic LED could revolutionize the future of mobile technologies

Novel Kind of Fluorescence

Single-walled nanotubes emit a delayed secondary fluorescence when triggered by a multistep process

New Trick for Infrared Laser Pulses

New approach to create strong, short pulses with tailor-made quantum cascade lasers

Controlling Fully Integrated Nanodiamonds

Diamond-based quantum systems are the basis for a new class of nanophotonic circuits

Breaking the Power Limit of Lasers

A new VCSEL-design aims to enhance slow-light optical feedback, thus extending the temporal laser bandwidth