Ultrathin Silver Films for Solar Cells

A first step towards the production of novel electrodes for highly efficient solar cells and LEDs.

Health Hazards of LED Illumination

Study expects no higher health risks than for conventional lighting

Efficiency Record for Perovskite LEDs

The perovskite layer in the LEDs shows close to 100% internal luminescence efficiency

Maximum Light for Maximum Safety

Volkswagen relies on ultra-modern, interactive LED headlights, tail light clusters

Full Color Perovskite LEDs

LED emits red when it is rich in iodine, green when it is rich in bromine, and blue when it is rich in chlorine

ISELED Alliance is Continuously Growing

Belgian semicon player Melexis and Italian OLSA Group join to further drive “digital LED”

Why Silver Clusters Emit Light

The optical properties of the clusters are caused by two free electrons

Better Micropatterning for OLEDs

New method might eliminate the use of color filters and shadow masks in the future

Better Imaging Through Fire

Enhanced visibility through clean-burning flames allows new opportunities for optical metrology

Record Efficiency for Quantum Dot White LED

Novel approach to white LEDs could lead to more energy-efficient lighting