Computer Chip With Integrated LED

New approach could cut production costs and reduce the size of microelectronics for sensing and communication

Blue-Light Stride in Perovskite-Based LEDs

High energy efficiency of up to 11 % for the blue perovskite-based LEDs achieved

New LED Emits Warm and Cool White Light

Sophisticated design for LEDs include both blue-light emitting quantum wells and red quantum wells

The Lightest Light Source

An ultrathin organic LED could revolutionize the future of mobile technologies

Could Your Smartphone Analyze the Coronavirus on Surfaces?

Project ChipScope brings nanolevel microscopy into the field

World’s Smallest Broadband IR LED for Spectroscopy

Osram presents new phosphor technology for handheld quality control

“LED and Plasma are Emerging Technologies for Disinfection”

NRL researchers evaluate ultraviolet sources to combat COVID-19

Capturing Light in a Quasicrystal

Quasicrystals may open up new possibilities for laser and sensor design

Quantum Dot Emitter for Broadband IR

A new class of broadband solid state light emitters based on colloidal quantum dot thin film technology

Red LEDs for Next-Generation Displays

Novel red LEDs are more temperature stable than those made using the conventional semiconductor of choice