Pulse Energy of UV Nanosecond Lasers Tripled

MKS announces world’s smallest >200 µJ actively Q-switched UV laser, ideal for industrial manufacturing

Lights On for Silicon Photonics

Demonstration of electroluminescence at terahertz frequencies from a silicon-germanium device

A New Kind of Microcomb on a Chip

New device could help discover exoplanets and detect diseases

Millimeter Wave Photonics with Terahertz Lasers

New approach for compact, low noise mm-wave generation using THz frequency combs

Start-up Develops New Lasers for Life Sciences

n2-Photonics is developing technology for ultrashort-pulse lasers

Laser Pulses as Subtle Machining Tools

Industrial-grade materials processing on the sub-micron scale is enabled by spatially structured ultrashort laser pulses

Frequency Combs in a Photonic Molecule

A step towards the study of emergent nonlinear phenomena in soliton networks and multimodal lattices

Lasing Mechanism in Water Droplets

Detailed view on the mechanism of droplet lasers when interacting with a droplet–solid interface

Laser Supports Minimally Invasive Surgery

A laser-steering microrobot operates with high speed and precision and can be integrated with existing endoscopic tools

Meta Installs World’s First C-Wave GTR Tunable Laser

Full coverage of visible spectrum accelerates holographic development capabilities