AI Monitoring of Laser Welding

Detecting and documenting the moment of instability in laser deep penetration welding

Quasi-Simultaneous Laser Transmission Welding

KTP develops scale-up rules for the quasi-simultaneous joining of thermoplastics

Goodbye Absorbers

High-precision laser welding of plastics – project SeQuLas completed

Efficient Small Series Production for Electromobility

Completion of the research project ProeK

With a View to the Global Markets

Simon Reiser new managing director laser plastic welding at LPKF

Highlight for the Sheet Metal Working Sector

Review: Blechexpo / Schweisstec, 5 – 7 November 2019, Stuttgart, Germany

Process-Safe Laser Welding of PPS

Next-generation optics let DIC and Evosys economically weld components made of the material in series

Welding Ceramics with Lasers

The process uses an ultrafast pulsed laser to melt ceramic materials along the interface and fuse them together

Laser Technology Enables The Battery Cell of Tomorrow

With the aid of laser technology, TU München is researching new battery materials and cell types.

Multi-functional Laser Tools

Cutting, welding and additive manufacturing with one laser in one machine